This is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands that correspond to the rest of the body.  The therapist uses fingers and thumbs to stimulate these reflexes to relieve stress and tension, improve blood supply and influence the health of the corresponding body parts

60 minutes: $60.00


Hot stones are applied throughout the massage to help warm up the muscles and melt tension.

75 minutes: $85.00

90 minutes: $95.00

120 minutes: $115.00


Body scrubs and wraps include techniques of skin brushing, a relaxing application of body butter and a comfy warm blanket/sheet body wrap. Also includes, sugar foot scrub and warm towel foot wrap, while relaxing head, neck and face with a massage.



        60 minutes: $60.00


We are pleased to announce we can now offer couples massage in the same room.

Deep Tissue Massage

                                                                              Massage directed toward the deeper structures to alleviate chronic pain

Therapeutic  Massage

                           Tailored to your needs. Combining various techniques to relax you, release tension and increse blood flow and lymph.

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Sound Bodyworks

Pregnancy Massage

Massage helps reduce edema, maintain blood  pressure, relieve leg cramps and other discomforts of pregnancy.  We offer a pregnancy pillow which allows the client to lay on their stomachs safely, most women find this comfortable.   Each session is tailored for the mother to be .


Massage to help the athlete either prepare for an event or speed up recovery time after activity.


30 minutes: $45.00  45 minutes: $ 50.00

60 minutes: $70.00  90 minutes: $90.00

120 minutes: $110.00